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We are wholly committed to delivering exceptional service and care to all of our plan participants. We are passionate about getting to know your lifestyle and offering relevant education and advice that empowers you with knowledge to pursue financial independence in retirement.

Financial Wellness for Your Team

We understand the positive impact of an engaged workforce—one that feels care for, personally and professionally. Our team will partner with you to provide your employees with financial wellness tools that best address their needs.


of employees live paycheck to paycheck.

1 in 5

people have access to personal financial guidance.


of employees are stressed about their finances.

  • 75% of employees live paycheck to paycheck: Forbes 78% of Workers Live Paycheck To Paycheck, January 11, 2019
  • 1 in 5 people have access to personal financial guidance: CNBC 75 percent of Americans are winging it when it comes to their financial future, April 2, 2019
  • 58% of employees are stressed about their finance: PwC 2020 Employee Financial Wellness Survey
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Is Your Plan Competitively Priced?

A competitive retirement plan is an important component of your company’s benefit package. We are pleased to offer a complimentary benchmarking and risk assessment report to measure your current plan’s cost and performance against the plans of similarly-sized employers.

2024: What We Know

2024: What We Know

The difference that a year can make never ceases to amaze me. Whether it’s the development of a new hobby, the shocking amount of space between tick marks on my children’s growth chart in our kitchen, or the continued increase in the number of gray hairs on my head,...

Putting Breaking News in Perspective

Putting Breaking News in Perspective

We are constantly bombarded with information—everything we see is BREAKING NEWS! Yet, what is actual news? How does one discern? Most importantly, where are you right now as it relates to the information you are receiving? When it comes to our personal finances, it is...

VIDEO: Introduction to Investing

VIDEO: Introduction to Investing

In this 10-minute video, Client Relationship and Education Manager Sue Desrosier, CFEI, BFATM provides a brief introduction to investing, including why you should participate in your 401(k) plan, different types of investments—stocks, bonds, and mutual funds—and their...

What to Focus On During Periods of Volatility

What to Focus On During Periods of Volatility

Over the past week, the banking sector has experienced one of the most sudden and tumultuous downturns since the global financial crisis of 2008–2009. Recently, the most substantial events were related to the failure of Silvergate Bank on March 8, Silicon Valley Bank...

Our Services

At Carlson Retirement Plan Services, we are committed to optimizing your business outcomes with a customized retirement plan, while passionately assisting employees in pursing the goal of financial independence in retirement. Our team works with you to address the five key areas that are critical to ensure success of your business and plan participants.

fPlan Design

Customized retirement plans specifically designed and optimized to meet your goals.

Investment Management

A diversified menu of best-in-class investments covering the full spectrum of global stock and bond markets.

Fiduciary Governance

We’re CEFEX certified, giving you peace of mind that we—as your trusted partner—will always place your interests first.

wEducation and Communication

Delivering exceptional service and care to plan participants and offering relevant education and advice.

Plan Benchmarking

Regular reporting to ensure competitive fees as your plan grows and changes.